How do I save on fees?

Modified on Thu, 14 Sep 2023 at 08:30 PM

We're glad you asked! This is one of the main benefits of using ZenDCA and not using recurring buys on the exchange.

Most exchanges will allow you to create a recurring buy schedule, but you'll be paying higher fees so let's break it down.

Let's use Coinbase Pro as an example, and say you create a schedule to buy $100 worth of Bitcoin every week on the mobile app. You'd be paying a fee of $2.99 (getting only $97.01 worth of Bitcoin at an unfavorable price). You can read about how Coinbase uses a spread to calculate the price here. Meaning you always pay more for your Bitcoin than you should, if you buy on their mobile app or regular Coinbase dashboard.

On ZenDCA, you would pay about ≈$0.60 to Coinbase Pro in fees, when buying $100 worth of Bitcoin every week ($2.39 in savings per order) and paying the true market price for your Bitcoin. We fetch the latest asking price from the order book at the time of your order. Meaning you would get the most Bitcoin possible for the ≈$99.40 you paid, since the spread calculation doesn't apply to buy orders we place on your behalf!

After just 10 orders, that saves you $20.39, not to mention you would have more Bitcoin than if you bought on the Coinbase mobile app. If you have a schedule to buy daily, the savings add up really fast.

The amount you save depends on the exchange, but here are all of the fee schedules for all supported exchanges:

If you're looking for the fees that you would pay the exchange by using ZenDCA, look for the API or Limit Taker order fee schedules (for Gemini and Coinbase) and Spot Crypto fees for Kraken.

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